Farm Animal Collection

May 24, 2016

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our Farm Animal collection! The farm animal collection is something we feel very passionate about over here at 19th. We understand the amount of dedication it takes to support your farm friends! We also understand how cute and awesome farm animals can be, so we made a big collection out of the lifestyle! If you’re going to wear your passion, why not have your passion be cute farm animals?


Here, take a walk down the farm with me. Our first stop up on the left is our horse stable. Here in our horse stable, we have a solid collection of shirts along with some great coffee mugs and necklaces. Our good pal, Seabiscuit, looks good in our “Only Talking To My Horses Today” shirt, but I have a feeling you’re going to look even better in it. Pair it with our “This Is How My Heart Beats” horse necklace and I have a feeling that this stable will be knocked down as our horses race to see how awesome you are.


A short bit past the horse stables, we have the pigpen. Our resident pig stylist, Babe, is currently crafting the pig trends of tomorrow. She hasn’t let us down yet, either! Her resume boasts an amazing “Home Is Where My Pigs Are” t-shirt and coffee mug combo as well as a beautiful “Colorful Pig” tank top. You don’t know true style until you’ve seen a pig design, make, and wear their own clothes. It’s a true spectacle.


If you will, please follow me down to the chicken coup. Chicken Little has been hard at work coming up with the best possible chicken merchandise. He’s already made a few gems though! Perhaps you’d be interested in our “I Was Normal 3 Chickens Ago” shirt. If not, I would point you towards our “I’m Only Talking To My Chickens Today” color changing coffee mug. That Chicken Little sure is a crafty one. He likes to explore the resources at his disposal. I’m still really impressed that he got his feet on a color-changing mug. That’s just awesome!


Beyond the chicken coop is the home of our lovely goats. The most creative goat we have, George Clooney, spends his days designing the best goat merchandise. He really pulls off our “No Goats, No Glory” shirt. Like, it’s really incredible how suave this guy looks in that shirt. If that’s not your cup of tea, perhaps I could show you our “Goat Whisperer” tank top! It’s one of our better sellers, all thanks to George Clooney’s magical goat hooves.


Last, but most certainly not least, I’d like to show you our cow pasture. Bessie runs this place. She’s a designing fiend. Nothing against Seabiscuit, Babe, Chicken Little, or George Clooney, but Bessie sure knows how to make some clothing. There’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with our “Tagging Things Way Before It Was Cool” shirt. If not, you’re bound to swoon over our “Colorful Calf” tank top. When it comes to quality clothing, Bessie’s your girl.


Sadly, that concludes our trip down the farm. If you want to check the collection out for yourself, click here!

==> https://goo.gl/17wojp

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our beautiful outing. I loved every second of it. Come by again soon!

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